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Urban Candle isn't about doing the same as everyone else. It's about creating unique products that consumers want to buy, and retailers want to sell. It's about exciting and engaging customers and consumers across all our channels, and applying a "refreshingly unique" approach to everything we do. It's about standing out, and being a category changer.

Founded from a kitchen table in Gosforth, Urban Candle Co has organically grown to become a much loved candle and home fragrance brand. We’ve worked hard to create unique brands and products that customers love, recognise and want to buy. Everyday, customers and businesses alike are joining the revolution, and converting to Urban Candle Co - Why? We're fresh, unique and innovative, but above all, our products burn brilliantly and fragrance perfectly!

We're not just another candle brand - we're a category changer, and when it comes to candle retail, you'll enjoy an unusually personal approach to helping your retail business sell more, and sell better.

DID YOU KNOW... 69% of consumers we surveyed said they had been disappointed with either the quality, fragrance throw or burning ability of a candle? That research formed the basis of our business, and we consistently deliver high quality, environmentally friendly candle products that burn brilliantly and fragrance perfectly - Simple!
(Results of our independent consumer research programme, conducted independently in Jan 2016)

We’re always on the look out for new retail partners who want to delight their customers, and refresh their candle and fragrance category - The UK consumer candle industry is worth over £90M in UK sales alone, and this is growing year on year. We'll help you capitalise on the trends for unique, innovative and high quality candle and fragrance products with a truly "Refreshingly Unique" collection, expertly tailored to the size, style and target market of your business.

Take a look!

View our trade introduction here >>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2HZzeaJP_iLVUc...

You can read more about our story here >>> http://www.urban-candle.com/Our-Story-s/291.htm

For retail trade enquiries, please contact Matthew Patterson: matthew@urban-candle.com